About us

OneRay – Our company was founded by a group of experienced traders with many years of trading experience in the field of classic trading, as well as trading cryptocurrency.

Oneray is engaged in trading on the forex currency markets, stock exchanges as well as cryptocurrency markets. Our company has a number of unique trading methods proven by years of practice and the use of the latest techniques affects on the effectiveness of the analysis and reduces the time we need to study the behavior of the market, and as a result for making the best decisions when making transactions.

Also, our specialists use AI in the form of highly intelligent and self-learning trading systems, and our company's software was created using the latest security algorithms that allow us to significantly increase the security of our investors' accounts, compared to competitors.

What are we doing

Trading on
stock exchanges

  Stock exchanges -
the world's largest investment market.
& emsp; On the stock exchanges, investors have the opportunity to absolutely transparently buy bonds and shares of large developing companies.


  Cryptocurrency exchanges - The most risky market.
& emsp; High volatility, which occurs due to the unreliability of the cryptocurrencies themselves, due to the fact that their value is confirmed only by the degree of confidence of the bidders and is not confirmed by real economic factors.

Trading in the
foreign exchange markets

  Forex Currency Exchange - The most famous form of exchange trading.
& emsp; Currency Exchange is an exchange of currencies in the interbank market, and also includes trading in currency contracts on global exchanges.

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Why we

 Our investment project is designed for people who seek to achieve financial freedom, but do not have sufficient experience and knowledge in the field of stock markets. Our experience in this field has allowed our company to gather very effective a team of traders and gain practical experience in a short period of time.

& emsp; Our investment platform offers profitable investment opportunities that allow all our customers make money online. With us, your investment will be under reliable management.

Passive investment income

High interest rate

Favorable conditions for cooperation

2048-bit SSL Security

Protection against
DDoS attacks

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