Terms & Conditions

1. General Provisions

1.1. General Provisions To work on this online platform are allowed persons (hereinafter referred to as the User) who, at the time of registration, have reached the age of majority in accordance with their national legislation.
1.2. The decision to make investments, as well as to take other actions related to financial turnover, is made by the customers of the Company independently and voluntarily.

2. Rights and Obligations of the Company

2.1. OneRay Capital Company (hereinafter - the Company) has the right:
• block a user’s account in case of violation of these Rules, if it is suspected of fraudulent activity, as well as as a result of a request from law enforcement agencies;
• refuse to provide the User with the services if there are reasonable assumptions about the financial, reputational or other damage caused to the Company. To cover this kind of losses, confiscation of financial resources is carried out, and in some cases, the initiation of prosecution;
• make changes to the Rules, change the terms of tariff plans, supplement or cancel the provisions of other sections of the site without prior notice to users.

2.2. The company undertakes:
• comply with the established procedure for payments, timely and in full to pay dividends;
• identify and quickly correct any malfunctions in the site;
• provide unhindered user access to any sections of the site necessary for investment activities.

3. User rights and obligations

3.1. The user has the right to:
• deposit any amount in your available deposit in accordance with the terms of the tariff plans;
• use this platform to receive dividends according to the proposed opportunities;
• at its discretion, open a deposit in rubles and / or dollars, as well as perform operations on depositing and withdrawing funds, reinvest the income received, take part in an affiliate program or in other programs offered by the Company.

3.2. User agrees:
• register only one account from one IP address;
• do not use your own referral link to register on the Company's online platform;
• use for financial investments obtained by legal means;
• comply with all paragraphs of these Rules;
• do not use this site for fraud.

4. Financial questions

4.1. When replenishing the account, the User’s funds are subject to instant crediting to his personal deposit.

4.2. Operations on depositing and withdrawing funds are carried out without charging fees, with the exception of the fees indicated when withdrawing in the corresponding block as charged fees by electronic payment systems.

4.3. Withdrawal of funds is possible on any available details, regardless of which were used to replenish the account. The responsibility for incorrectly specified wallet details in the settings and, accordingly, for transactions performed by the Company on these details, lies with the User.

4.4. Withdrawal of the deposit body before the expiration of the contract is prohibited. The term for payment of invested funds depends on the interest rate on the deposit. Withdrawal of profits is allowed immediately after accrual.

5. Affiliate program

5.1. Each User has the opportunity to participate in the affiliate program, for which he is provided with a unique referral link.

5.2. The amount of partner remuneration is determined based on the size of deposits of invited participants, and does not have any restrictions.

5.3. Affiliate remuneration is credited to the User’s account immediately after the next replenishment of the deposit with his referrals and can be used both for withdrawal and investment. Participation in the affiliate program is voluntary.

6. Privacy policy

6.1. Users agree to the processing of their personal data, which is performed solely to improve interaction with investors and to improve the work of the company.

6.2. The Company undertakes to take all possible technical and organizational measures aimed at protecting the User’s personal data.

6.3. To ensure the safe conduct of financial transactions, the company uses the SSL protocol for reliable encryption of the transmitted information, and trust seals are installed for additional security and to avoid virus infection. At the same time, Users are also warned about the need to take independent measures to protect their account, including setting complex passwords, two-factor Google authentication, IP protection and the rest available in your account. All entered payment details by the User are recorded and blocked automatically immediately after they are added for added security.

AML and KYC policy

As part of its activities and in accordance with the rules for working in international financial markets, the Company is obliged to apply AML and KYC policies to its Clients.
The AML (Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism) policy of the Company aims to comply with the requirements of norms and rules that are internationally acceptable. The goal is to ensure that our activities are not used for money laundering, and to comply with all applicable international laws. The company has a zero tolerance policy on money laundering.
The KYC (Know Your Client) Policy of the Company is designed to provide the most transparent conditions for mutual cooperation in order to work productively within the international market. KYC policy is applied by the Company when it is necessary or at the request of relevant financial institutions to confirm the identity of the Client. The client is aware that, if necessary, to confirm his identity within the framework of the KYC rule, he will be required to provide valid documents that will be able to confirm his identity. The Company may request, at its discretion, additional evidence of identification if, for any reason, suspicions of an employee of the Company arise.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

The company operates in accordance with international law, therefore, adheres to the rules of international payment systems. The Company is obliged to notify the Client that in exceptional cases a cancellation and challenge program is applied.making payments (financial claim is re-issued, second presentment, representment). The procedure for disputing payments is available within 120 calendar days from the date of the transaction and applies to all types of bank cards.
OneRay Capital company does not provide its services to citizens living in Ukraine, accounts belonging to its residents will be immediately blocked.
As part of the cancellation and refund policy,Measured situations for contesting transactions are considered: the service does not correspond to the description, debiting from the account without authorization, the service is not provided in full or is not provided at all, double debiting of the amount from the account.
The client is notified that in the event of a dispute, he must take into account this User Agreement and all its clauses, and will be required to provide evidence that the acquiring bank has violated the rules of the relevant international payment system. To challenge the transaction, you will need to provide a written statement where you will need to provide all the necessary data required by the payment system, including weighty evidence to appeal the transaction.

Risk Disclosure

Investing in our company involves investing in a highly profitable investment program, which is associated with high risk and may lead to the loss of all your capital. Before starting registration, make sure that you understand the risks associated with investing and take into account the level of your experience. If necessary, consult an independent expert. We do not directly provide investment advisory services to clients.
You agree that you use this site at your own risk. This Risk Disclosure Statement must be read in conjunction with the current Company Terms . Also, you should understand that this Risk Disclosure Statement does not contain a description of all possible risks and other aspects of investing in OneRay Capital. Therefore, you must make sure that your decision is made on the basis of qualified knowledge and possession of reliable information, but at least you should take into account the following:
Without limiting the foregoing, the financial services provided on this site are intended only for investors who understand that they can lose all the money that they invest, take risks and have experience in investing. The maximum losses that investors may suffer do not exceed the amount of money paid by him / her to the Company, including the commission for withdrawing funds.

Dispute Resolution

By this agreement, both parties confirm that any disputes and possible claims to each other will be resolved through negotiations. If it is impossible to resolve disputes through negotiations or force majeure circumstances, the situation will be resolved within the framework of the current legislation of one of the parties, taking into account the provisions of this User Agreement.