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Commodity Exchange

Investing in this type of exchange trading, one of the most popular. Commodity exchange traders enter into transactions for the sale and purchase of commodity contracts (futures, forwards, options). It is the most stable, but less profitable investment.

Currency Exchange

Better known as FOREX - this is the most famous type of exchange trading. Currency exchange is an exchange of currencies in the interbank market Trading in such markets carries risks, but income is much higher.

Stock Exchanges

The largest investment market in the world. On stock exchanges, OneRay traders have the opportunity to absolutely transparently buy stocks of large and developing companies, bonds, as well as earn on changing the value of stock indices. Only experienced traders work in this market, who provide a stable income for themselves and their investors, however, to trade on it, a significant amount of investment is required.

Cryptocurrency exchanges

OneRay traders calculate everything to the smallest detail before deciding on a deal, therefore, even despite the high volatility and risks, they provide a stable and high return to their investors. This type of investment is the most profitable, but it is necessary to have considerable capital to provide yourself with such a high return.

Term of deposit:
1 year


Withdrawal of funds:

Min. deposit amount:
2 $ | 100 ₽
1000 $ | 60 000 ₽
5000 $ | 300 000 ₽
10000 $ | 600 000 ₽
Max. deposit amount:
999 $ | 59 999 ₽
4999 $ | 299 999 ₽
9999 $ | 599 999 ₽
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